About Us

Being Maritime Transport Service providers, with over 2 decades of experience in South East Asia, the Winstar group and its sister companies have served the transportation and logistics needs of some key industries in a variety of roles.

Commencing in 1993, we acquired vessels of various sizes and expanded our ports coverage. Having gained (and still gaining) invaluable experience, we continue to harness the best of our human resources, assets and infrastructure to satisfy our customers and to develop long-term partnerships with them.

With our expanded strength and facilities over recent years, our core services have widened:

  • Owning, chartering and management of Tugboats and Barges, AHTV and LCT
  • Daily Liner Services between Singapore and Batam door-to-door
  • Brokering for charters of various vessel sizes and types
  • Worldwide shipping and forwarding services for breakbulk and containerised cargoes
  • Project cargoes transportation of heavylifts and outsized equipment
  • Ship agency services and full vessel operations-stevedorage within Jurong port, the only multi-modal terminal in Singapore
  • Transhipment handling and hubbing within Singapore and providing connectivities between various overseas ports.
  • Containerised and breakbulk trucking and container unstuffing and stuffing

Today, most of our clients come from a wide spectrum of industries in on-shore and offshore upstream and downstream activities in turnkey infrastructural engineering, shipbuilding and ship-repair, oil & gas exploration and support services, construction and heavy equipment fabricators within South East Asia. We are ready to provide customised integrated solutions to satisfy different transportation-logistics requirements in the ever changing and challenging operating environments regionally and locally.